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Use Respo-K:
For acute treatment of colds and respiratory infections in pets
To reduce symptoms of sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and snotty noses
To shorten recovery time from respiratory infections
To strengthen your pet's immune system and prevent recurrence
For prevention of secondary infections of the respiratory system
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Respiratory infections in pets
If you have noticed signs of lethargy, coughing, sneezing, fever and runny eyes or nose, then your pet is probably suffering from a cold or upper respiratory infection. This is an infection of the nose, throat and upper airways similar to when humans get a cold or flu and is usually caused by a virus. Cats are particularly prone to respiratory infections, but dogs can also contract them, including the common problem of kennel cough.

You may also notice that your pet has stopped eating; this is particularly common in cats as their appetites are triggered by smell. If a cat’s nose is blocked and he cannot smell, he will probably become picky about what he will eat or stop eating altogether for a few days. This anorexia can lead to further complications with your cat’s liver. Read more under Hepatic Lipidosis. So the sooner you can clear up all those blocked noses and get your furry friends eating again, the better.

Like humans, pets are also susceptible to secondary sinus and chest infections. Your pet’s immune system will be placed under stress by the virus that is causing the cold and therefore it’s easier for infection-causing bacteria to establish themselves. The greenish, yellow discharge from the eyes and nose that develops during the course of a cold is usually a sign of a secondary bacterial infection.

Although respiratory infections usually resolve within about 7-10 days, very young or very old pets may be at serious risk when infected with a cold or respiratory infection. For this reason, one should never ignore a pet’s illness. Prompt attention and treatment will save your pet much discomfort and, in weaker animals, may even save their life.

What causes respiratory infections in pets?
Various harmful organisms like viruses and bacteria can cause upper respiratory infections in pets and the nose, eyes, throat and sinuses may all be involved. These may be contagious among pets, but the organisms that affect pets are usually different from those affecting humans so catching a cold from your pet, or the other way around, should not be a concern.

Viruses and bacteria will cause illness much more readily in pets with weakened immune systems caused by another illness, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle or advanced age.

What is the conventional treatment for respiratory infections?
Antibiotics are the usual treatment for respiratory infections and are generally effective in clearing bacterial infections. While antibiotics are not effective in viral infections like colds and flu, they are often prescribed prophylactically in order to prevent secondary infections (which are often bacterial).

Despite their initial efficacy, the downside of antibiotic drugs is that they reduce immune functioning, making your pet vulnerable to recurrence or other illness and infection. A vet may also prescribe medications (e.g. decongestives) for relief of congestion and other symptoms.

The Natural Way
Natural remedies can help to safely reduce your pet’s unpleasant symptoms during an upper respiratory tract infection, cut recovery time and also strengthen the immune system to prevent recurring infection. Due to the high safety profile of the ingredients, our natural remedies are also free of side-effects.
What is Respo-K?
Respo-K a 100% homeopathic remedy specially formulated to address the symptoms and underlying causes of colds and respiratory infections in pets. Respo-K comes in small lactose tablets which are readily taken by dogs and which may be crushed and easily administered to cats.
How has Respo-K helped others?
"I used your Respo-K remedy for my kitten when she got a cold. I was really worried about her as she is still so young and fragile. By the end of the weekend, she was looking much better and was eating again. By Wednesday she was her old self again. I have a friend whose kitten died from something as simple and “minor” as a cold so I am really relieved and grateful. Thank you!"
- Tertia

"I wanted to write and tell you about my experience with your natural remedies. I am a big cat-lover and have a house full of pets. Your PetAlive has become one of my favorite websites and I’ve ordered a number of different remedies for my extended “family”. Although I have been happy with everything I’ve ordered from you I must specifically comment on your Respo-K and Sinu-Rite products. I have one cat who often gets respiratory tract infections and it’s almost a given that her sinuses become involved. We have battled with this problem and I can’t tell you what I’ve spent in vet bills and antibiotics. Last time she got an infection I gave her Respo-K and Sinu-Rite and she recovered much more quickly than usual. I continued to give her the remedies for a little while after she was well again and she hasn’t had a repeat infection since. She actually seems much stronger and healthier overall as I’m sure the numerous illnesses were putting a serious strain on her health and energy. I am going to make sure I always have stock of these remedies in my house from now on!"
- Moira Higgs

What are the Ingredients?
Respo-K contains the following 100% active homeopathic ingredients in equal parts and in therapeutic dosage:

Calc. sulph. (D6) is a biochemic tissue salt useful in suppurating conditions including all infections and also speeds up the natural healing process. Calc. sulph. is useful for relief of cough, especially when phlegm is thin or watery and treats sore, irritated throats.

Ferrum phos. (C6) is another biochemic tissue salt that has many uses in the body. The most important benefits are in the ability of Ferrum Phos. to combat all types of infection and inflammation. Ferrum Phos. also helps to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and thus improves the body's ability to distribute oxygen-rich blood and iron to all cells, thereby facilitating healing. Ferrum Phos. is recommended at the first stage of any infection for fast resolution of the symptoms.

Hepar. Sulph. (12C) is a homeopathic remedy for infections, skin ailments, earache, sore throats and rattling coughs. It is particularly useful in inflammation of the throat and larynx, bronchitis and tonsillitis. It also accelerates the natural healing processes in the body.

Verbascum (D3) is a homeopathic ingredient used to address and inflamed tissues. The plant that this homeopathic ingredient is derived from is widely used to promote the discharge of mucus and demulcents (soothes irritated mucous membranes). These properties make Verbascum an excellent homeopathic remedy for infections of the respiratory tract.

Sambucus nigra (D3) is a homeopathic remedy for coughs, colds and flu. In its herbal form, recent research has shown that Sambucus nigra also contains compounds that are active against several strains of flu viruses, making the homeopathic preparation extremely useful.

Respo-K contains no gluten, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Safe for use during pregnancy and nursing. Our products are animal-cruelty free and individual ingredients are well-researched and are natural, safe and effective.

How do I use Respo-K?
Directions: Tablets may be crushed and sprinkled on the tongue or taken whole. Continue for 3 - 5 days after symptoms subside.

Cats and small dogs: One tablet 3 - 5 times daily.
Medium dogs: Two tablets 3 - 5 times daily.
Large dogs: Three tablets 3 - 5 times daily.

Note: May be used in conjunction with K-C Defence in cases of kennel cough in dogs.

How long until I see results?
Your pet’s symptoms should start to improve within a day or two of beginning the remedy or even sooner. Respo-K will also shorten recovery time, bringing your pet back to good health within a few days.
How long will a bottle last?
One bottle of 125 tablets will last between one and 6 weeks, depending on the size and dosage needs of your pet.
Cathy Samuel is our friendly PetAlive product consultant! Cathy has many years experience working with animals here and overseas. She now employs her love of animals, great and small, to the PetAlive family. She hopes to make pet owners aware of the benefits of natural remedies and support naturally healthy, naturally happy pets.
    Cathy’s Tips:

  • Keep your pet warm and comfortable. Provide plenty of fresh water and encourage eating by feeding small amounts of slightly warmed food often. By warming the food you will release more food odours and often this will stimulate your ailing pet’s appetite.
  • Consider using a humidifier to help with congestion or you can even try some steam therapy by running the shower and fogging up the bathroom and letting your pet breath in some of the vapours. Take care with the hot water though.
  • Keep your pet’s immune system in peak condition with regular exercise, a natural, unprocessed diet and regular doses of PetAlive Immunity and Liver Support.
  • If your pet has recurrent respiratory infections combine Respo-K with PetAlive Sinu-Rite.
  • If your pet hasn’t eaten for more than 48 hours or if their condition continues to worsen seek advice from your vet.
  • Remember, cats that don’t eat for an extended period of time can develop liver complications.
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Respo-K + Sinu-Rite
Treatment for colds, upper respiratory infections in puppies, dog cough & cat sneezing – with remedy for sinus problems in dogs and cats.
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Respo-K + Immunity and Liver Support
Treats the symptoms of colds, upper respiratory infections in puppies, dog cough & cat sneezing - while maintaining immune system health.
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Respo-K + KC-Defense
Treats the symptoms of colds, upper respiratory infections in puppies, dog cough & cat sneezing - with added respiratory tonic for pets that are visiting kennels and may be exposed to ‘kennel cough’.
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Respo-K + KC-Defense + Immunity and Liver Support
The Respo-K Triple Defense Power Pack: Respiratory and immune system support for pets that are visiting kennels and may be exposed to ‘kennel cough’.
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